April 5

FirstWego Online // April 5

Sermon Notes

My Shepherd

1. PROVISION from The Shepherd.  (vs. 1-3)

  • The Shepherd Gives all we Require.
  • The Shepherd Grants Renewal.
  • The Shepherd Guides toward Righteousness.

2. PRESENCE of The Shepherd.  (vs. 4a)

  • We will Face Adverse Times.
  • We won’t Fear Any Trial.
  • The Father is Always There.

3. PROTECTION by The Shepherd.  (vs. 4b-5a)

  • We are Secure in his Hands.
  • We Safe from Harm.
  • We are Satisfied in Hardship.

4. PRESERVATION through The Shepherd.  (vs. 5b-6)

  • We are Blessed Beyond Measure.
  • We can Boldly Bet on Mercy.
  • We will Bide in the Blessing of our Messiah.

Family Worship

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