What We Believe


Our theological tradition flows from the Baptistic stream so we are by nature a confessional congregation. This means that members of our church are not required to adhere to a particular creed or set of doctrines to be a part of our fellowship. Instead, we point to the confessional statement known as the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as a document that is helpful to expresses what most local gatherings in our network of churches typically believe about matters of faith and practice. For the most part, the teaching ministry of our church is grounded in these areas of doctrinal agreement.

We are a diverse congregation and as such we have diverse interpretations of secondary and tertiary issues. We find that to be a blessing to our congregation, not a hindrance.  Although our pastors have a deep love for theology, and our teaching ministry is heavy on doctrinal soundness, we focus on unity and charity while being firmly grounded in expository teaching.