First Baptist Church of Westwego is a faithful group of growing believers who take seriously the call to die to self and follow Christ. We assemble for worship, fellowship and exhortation as we magnify God, minister to others, and make disciples. Key elements of our local gathering include vibrant worship, abiding relationships and doctrinal fidelity.

We’d love to have you visit with us. Our introductory desire is to make you feel welcome and at ease during your time with us so that you might freely participate in worship and hear the teaching and preaching of God’s word in a way that changes you. Here are a few things you might want to know as you consider joining us for a Sunday morning worship service.

Dress and Expectations: Dress is casual. Few ties are seen (our pastor hasn’t warn a tie to preach since before Katrina) and you will sometimes find folks wearing shorts (its hot in our neck of the woods). Our pastor typically preaches from the New American Standard Bible but he will often utilize other translations as he teaches. Our expectation for you is to make yourself at home, to freely worship and to be attentive to the Word of God while you are with us.

Sunday Worship Time: We meet at 10:30 am on Sundays for a time of musical worship and exposition of the word on the corner of Avenue B and 6th Street in Westwego.



Parking: Don’t be afraid of the green space. Parking for our facilities include areas:
(1) a paved area next to the auditorium (signs designate special parking for visitors, etc.) 
(2) the green space around the office on the north side of 6th Street
(3) the green space lot diagonally across from the auditorium

Hospitality Table: You are welcome to avail yourself of coffee or water, juices and the treats which are available on your right as you enter the auditorium.

Welcome Center: Please be sure to stop at our Welcome Center located directly ahead as you enter the auditorium. We want to welcoming you to our service and answer any questions you might have while you are with us. We’d also appreciate you logging your visit with us at our visitor contact form in one of 2 ways:
(1) by using the iPad located at the Welcome Center
(2) by using your phone to scan the QR code provided at the Welcome Center

Bathrooms: Located on each side of the foyer as you enter the auditorium and at each entrance/exit of our Education Building located behind the Auditorium.

Nursery: Located on the 1st floor of the two story Education Building behind the Auditorium. Welcomes children from babies to 3 years. Parents are invited to escort their babies back to the nursery after our time of musical worship.

Children’s Church: Children from 4 years to 5th grade are dismissed after our time of musical worship to attend a specialized teaching time of their own on the 2nd floor of our Education Building. You are welcome to escort your children so that you are comfortable with their location.

Security: For the protection of our children, everyone who works with minors at FBC Westwego must submit to a criminal background check. We also have a security team with appropriate protocols as well as security cameras located all around our campus.