May 17

FirstWego Online // May 17

Sermon Notes

Sad Psalms Say So Much

Psalm 42 + 43

1. I TASTE only TEARS. (42:1-5)

A Recognition of Hunger Pains. (1-3)

Recalling a Holier Posture. (4)

A Refrain of Hope. (5)

2. I’m TORTURED by my THOUGHTS. (42:6-11)

Remembering the Hallowed Places. (6)

Reeling from Helpless Prayer. (7-10)

A Refrain of Hope. (11)

3. I’ll TRUST in your TRUTH. (43:1-5)

A Request for Help and Preservation. (1-3)

A Restoration Hymn of Praise. (4)

A Refrain of Hope. (5)

Family Worship

Download the file below to access Pastor Eric’s “Family Worship” guide…

In case you missed it last week:

A message from our friends in Peru…

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