Digging Deeper.

Anyone who is interested in digging a little deeper into our origins as Southern Baptists, where our little church on the corner of 7th Street and Avenue B came from, or how and why the Bible was passed down in its current format have to look no further than Pastor Jay’s Sunday morning class.

Let’s face it, we as believers in Jesus Christ have a wealth of knowledge and information at our disposal that can really make the difference in the lives of disciples. More information, in fact,  than could ever be conveyed in a single 45-minute sermon once per week. That is why personal Bible study, prayer time, and meditation on scripture are so important. Depriving ourselves of things like these would be like depriving ourselves of food and drink six days per week and expecting to get all of our body’s nourishment for one hour every Sunday. In addition to these pillars of the disciples’ experience, special classes like the one currently being offered by Pastor Jay really go a long way to deepening and enriching our Christian experience. With so many enlightening and interesting topics being discussed weekly, any serious-minded believer would be hard-pressed to not learn new and useful things each and every week.

Class meets at 9:30AM in the Education Building and is over in time for the 10:30AM Worship Service. Topics being discussed include, but are never limited to:

  • Basic biblical doctrine
  • Denominations and Cults
  • How we got the Bible
  • History of the Christian Church
  • Southern Baptists: Our Missions, Message, and General Beliefs
  • History of FBC Westwego
  • Opportunities to get involved and serve

In addition, we plan to offer more classes in the future on a variety of additional topics. If you have not done so already, strongly consider coming out and learning with us!

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