April 26

FirstWego Online // April 26

Sermon Notes

Considering the Glory of God: Divine Attributes

Psalm 139

1. The OMNISCIENCE of God. (1-6)

God knows our Ways. (1-3)

God knows our Words. (4)

God knows our Weakness. (5-6)

2. The OMNIPRESENCE of God. (7-12)

God is Present Spiritually. (7-8)

God is Present in Space. (9-10)

God is Present and He Sees. (11-12)

3. The OMNIPOTENCE of God. (13-24)

God Created Us. (13-16)

God Cares for Us. (17-22)

God Corrects Us. (23-24)

Family Worship

Download the file below to access Pastor Eric’s “Family Worship” guide…


Pastor Jay wants to offer a big Thank You to Mrs. Katie for her continued care for our WegoKids. Yesterday she hand delivered special KidsKits to our children for a neat craft and discipleship activity. We love you Mrs. Katie.

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