Letter From the Pastor

September 2019 

A Hodge Podge from a Happy Pastor

This month, rather than an article from me about one particular topic, I thought I’d share my thoughts with you about a few things I’ve found especially encouraging over the last few weeks.


As silly as the name sounds, our church participated in an effort to purchase goats for indigent families in poor areas of the world to help them establish a farming opportunity that seeks to help sustain their family for years to come. The Baptist Global Response organization (you may find them at www.gobgr.org or on Twitter at @gobgr) is a great ministry arm of the church that seeks to make a real and lasting impact on the people it serves. It is an evangelistic tool which meets physical needs in order to help meet spiritual needs. I am so excited to announce that our church purchased over 11 goats through this organization to help meet these needs. To God be the Glory.

Bunks in Peru

Along with the amazing mission trip 16 of us took in July to Cusco, Peru came a heart to develop a long tern connection and continue our partnership with these wonderful people and the great ministry they are doing there. One of the big needs they have is to completely furnish one of the large bunk rooms there which currently sits empty. These rooms are used for families, mission teams and other groups that visit the Kiley Stuesse Mission Center in Izcuchaca, Peru. Thanks to our generous friends here at the church and for donations from our Peru Mission Team, we have raised the $2000 to complete this project. I couldn’t be happier about this. What a wonderful way to serve our new friends.

Hispanic Church Plant Partnership

The last storm that came through here did a real disservice to our effort to host a scheduled Spanish-speaking Vacation Bible School. All of the work of printing fliers and the ministry teams that came to help distribute those fliers came to naught due to that weather issue. The good news is that we are still moving forward and looking for the next opportunity to engage our local Hispanic community with the Gospel. We and our Hispanic partner church on the east bank are making plans for another go and we will let you know then that happens. Please pray for this effort and may God be glorified.

Pastor Jay