Letter From the Pastor

January 2020 

Pastor Jay is always delighted to share the pulpit with one of the many capable men that our church is blessed with. Our final sermon of the 2019 year was from Dean Treloar. Here are some appropriate thoughts to begin our New Year serving together:

 Dear Church,

     For much of 2019, the emphasis on unity within the church arose repeatedly. We’ve seen this through many of our Bible studies and have heard how our pastor has been convicted of our need to better grasp this biblical truth. As we move forward into this new year, please allow me to encourage you all not only to see and understand God’s will for our unity within the body of Christ, but to respond and walk obediently and faithfully within that truth. If we are saved, we are called to the biblical understanding of the need for unity. Not only does our church desperately depend on our unified efforts, but your own spiritual growth as well! We cannot hope to grow spiritually in the Lord if we are being unfaithful to his bride. 

     Our salvation is not an isolated event. Rather, we are joined to a much greater reality that God has been at work at since before the foundation of the earth. We, as believers, create the Kingdom of God. Just as a house divided cannot stand, neither can we serve faithfully and effectively as the Lord’s fragmented kingdom. We can no sooner serve the Lord apart from his unified body than an eye can see apart from our face! Hold fast to these truths: we are purposed for unity, we are equipped for unity, and we are dependent upon unity. 

     What does this actually look like? Our efforts towards the unity of our church are very practical in nature. Put simply, what does our church need? How can you play a part in fulfilling that need? Repairing a gutter or cleaning a rug does not in and of themselves generate spiritual growth. However, your Father in heaven, who gives increase and has designated himself as our provider, certainly does bless the obedience of his servants to the needs of his church! Furthermore, the needs of our church are not merely tangible. The tangible aids to the church merely facilitate the greater need; our fellowship with one another. Fellowship comes only by way of interaction with one another. As we enter 2020, let’s worship together, pray together, dine with one another, and serve one another. Finally, answer one question for yourself. Do I love my local church? An honest answer to that question will invariably reveal your understanding and subsequent actions of your role within the very purpose of your salvation. Please, do not do alone what the Lord intended for us to do together.

Dean Treloar