Digging Deeper.

May 28, 2016 firstwegoadmin 1

Anyone who is interested in digging a little deeper into our origins as Southern Baptists, where our little church on the corner of 7th Street and Avenue B came from, or how and why the Bible was passed down in its current format have to look no further than Pastor [Click for More…]

Worshiping in Style

May 28, 2016 firstwegoadmin 0

Thanks to the efforts of Billy, Mike, Brenda, Tylor, and Pastor Jay, our sanctuary looks better than ever. This crew spent many hours repainting the walls and hanging reclaimed cedar planks to create the lovely backdrop behind the stage.


September 13, 2015 firstwegoadmin 0

Starting October 4, join us as we dive back into the book of Genesis, looking at the life of Isaac.


July 30, 2015 firstwegoadmin 0

Paul is concerned about doctrinal soundness in the young Cretan church and offers Titus the authority and encouragement to fulfill this important task.