Revamped Nursery Policies

Revamped Nursery Policies.

We are so thankful that you trust us with your little ones! Their safety is extremely important to us. There have been a few changes to our Nursery policies and procedures. Please read on for a list of the policies that will be enforced in the nursery, moving forward.

  • The Nursery of FBC Westwego is available for children 3 years of age and younger. Children 4-12 are not allowed in the nursery.
  • An up-to-date “About Me” sheet will be kept on file for every child who regularly attends the Nursery of FBC Westwego. This card will contain all pertinent information regarding that child, including, but not limited to, contact information, adults permitted to retrieve the child, and any known allergies.
  • No child will be released into the custody of any person not listed on the child’s information sheet. the individual must present the Number ID card given at time of drop off when picking up the child.
  • The Nursery of FBC Westwego will have at least two (2) adults (18+) working at all times when the Nursery is open and available.
  • Every Nursery worker shall have filled out a “Criminal Background Check” which will be on file at FBC Westwego and be a church member approved by the pastor to volunteer.
  • There will be no food allowed in the nursery, with the exception of bottle sand sippy cups.
  • Any diapering materials and/or change of clothes should be provided by the parent/guardian.
  • No medicines will be dispensed during a child’s time in the nursery.
  • The Nursery workers of FBC Westwego will assist a child in the use of the restroom only when the child is unable to do so by themselves.
  • The Nursery of FBC Westwego shall be orderly at all times, and toys should be sanitized at the end of the church hour each week.

In addition to the new and newly enforced policies listed above, please be aware that we are creating a check-in and check-out policy for the Nursery. Please note that your child should ALWAYS be dropped off and picked up by an adult listed on the contact form. We cannot allow children to leave with older siblings or anyone not listed on the document. Upon arrival, you will be given a number card. Your number will be new each week and will match the number written on your child’s name tag and diaper bag tag. If you see this number flash on the screen during the service, please make your way to the nursery, as your little one needs your assistance. We will need your number card wen picking yup your child.

Thank you so much for the privilege of allowing us to care for your little ones!

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